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Doctors will prescribe heroin

Doctors will prescribe heroinDoctors will prescribe heroin In October 2001, the Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain David Blunkett (David Blunkett) said that the purpose of the heroin prescription is the only way of dealing with addiction and crimes related to drugs. In his opinion, many addicts will agree to treatment if they are going to prescribe heroin. This statement provoked controversy among members of the public. "We welcome this step as a means of combating crimes connected with drugs. It would be better if the government will also provide addicts the premises where they will be able to do the injections," said the representative of the charitable pharmaceutical society Drugscrope. "Heroin should be available, otherwise we pushed the drug into the hands of traffickers. Читать полностью -->

Artificial retina no worse than usual

Artificial retina no worse than usualEnglish scientists have developed a unique device capable of almost completely restore the blind man his sight. A new device created at Stanford University, is an implantable chip that plays the role of an artificial retina. He perceives the light pulses and secretes biologically active substances (neurotransmitters), which stimulate the nerve cells of the eye - that is, works on the same principle as the natural human eye retina. "Natural" process and provides ease of implantation - in contrast to a device that transforms light into electrical impulses, a new implant is fully biocompatible. "Over the last few years several models have been developed artificial analogues of the retina, said Dr. Stacey bent, the Creator of the implant. Читать полностью -->

Excess weight reduces the life of seven years

Excess weight reduces the life of seven yearsExcess weight reduces the life of seven years Overweight is one of the most important factors affecting the life expectancy of the person. As was established by the Dutch scientists, for middle-aged people extra pounds take about the same as Smoking. The average person, who at the age of 40 diagnosed with obesity, the risk to die seven years earlier than healthy people. Even more reduces the life of the combination of obesity and Smoking. As noted by the scientists who analyzed data from the health monitoring 3,500 volunteers from the American city of Framingham (Framingham, Massachusetts, from 1948 to 1990, Kurama woman, 40 years of suffering with obesity, the risk of dying in an average of 13.3 years earlier. In a similar case, a man can lose 6.7. Читать полностью -->

Drugs and treatment

Drugs and treatmentLet's see what kind of medical treatment today offers us market (the rest of the complex treatment, in addition to topical treatments, consider not going because of its vastness and increased individuality). Things like wigs and hairpieces I won't describe here, hardly needs the help of a doctor. Quite close in spirit to this option is a relatively new method called "Microbial". This is an artificial scalp thickness of less than a millimeter from implanted in him artificial and natural volosiki, selected according to your sample; worn on the head like a cap and thereby mimics the hair. Firms offering this service, claim that you can even wash your hair without removing this design. Of course, this solution may be interested in some of the patients. Читать полностью -->

Honey tasty and useful

Honey tasty and usefulIn recent years, many fond metalicana. Is this justified? Doctors say that honey and other bee products are simple to use, easily combined with different ways and methods of treatment of the respiratory tract, peptic ulcer, liver disease, heart, blood vessels, organs of excretion, thyroid and other endocrine glands. It is believed that bee products strengthen the eyesight and bone tissue, increase the body's resistance to external environmental factors, strengthen the immune system. And they not only do not harm the body (of course, with moderate consumption and the absence of contraindications), normalize metabolism, restoring forces of the body and even, allegedly, the resorption of pathological formations. Bee products, representing a set of biologically active substances have on the body effect caused by nature.. . Читать полностью -->

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