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Civilization will lengthen a person's life to years

Civilization will lengthen a person's life to  yearsRecent research has allowed American scientists predict that in the future people will live much longer. According to them, our contemporaries live to 150 years, and today's children will be able to meet 2150 year. The explanation for this experts see in public life and the development of civilization. Today in developed countries, more and more people live to an old age in 90-100 years or more. In the West it became a cause for concern that in the future the ageing population will lead to labour shortages. But in developing countries, which are not always available achievements of modern medicine, life expectancy, people are increasingly 70-80 years. Читать полностью -->

Developers of cycloferon awarded the government prize

Developers of cycloferon awarded the government prizeA group of pharmacists from St. Petersburg developers drug "Cold", in particular, the Director of the Institute of experimental medicine RAMS Boris Tkachenko, was awarded the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation for the development of the technology, the organization of industrial production and introduction into medical practice of finished dosage forms of the drug "Cold". As reported in the company "Space PR, medicine has been developed over 10 years. The drug can cure at the present level of such diseases as herpes of different localization, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis. In addition, the drug helps to stabilize the condition of HIV-infected and AIDS patients. Читать полностью -->

During sleep, the children lose weight

During sleep, the children lose weightDuring sleep, the children lose weight Sleep deprivation is one of the most important factors predisposing to the development of obesity in childhood. As found by Japanese scientists in the Medical and pharmaceutical University, Toyama (Toyama), reducing the time night's sleep for your child for several hours led to an increase in the risk of development of obesity in several times. Data for the study were collected in the summer of 1996, when researchers interviewed 8274 child at the age of six or seven years. They also recorded the indicators of physical development, the latter were adjusted depending on age, sex, presence of overweight parents and other factors that may influence body weight. Obesity in children was determined depending on the body mass index, which in such cases is quite universal indicator. It was found that in comparison with children who slept more than 10 hours a day, for those who slept 9-10 hours, the risk was increased by 1.49 times, for those who slept 8-9 hours, the risk was increased by 1.89 times, and those who slept less than eight hours, were obese in 2,87 times more often. Читать полностью -->

Close contact with Chinese fraught alcohol intoxication

Close contact with Chinese fraught alcohol intoxication28-year-old resident of Perm visited the local Chinese market, where, in her words, "had a close contact with the Chinese. In the evening, taking a dose of alcohol, the lady felt a sore throat and fever. The woman immediately decided that he contracted SARS and called the ambulance. Arrived the doctors examined the patient and found that signs of the disease, which felt lady, have no relation to pneumonia. The patient was diagnosed with alcohol intoxication". [Reuters] . Читать полностью -->

Improvement of the method of Bates

Improvement of the method of BatesThe system of Bates improve their vision can be divided into 3 parts: 1. Total physical relaxation. 2. Mental relaxation. 3. Additional methods to improve the view (breathing, diet etc). Читать полностью -->

Scientists are trying to put a spell on the "Holy of holies" men

Scientists are trying to put a spell on the Scientists are trying to put a spell on the "Holy of holies" men In a few years men will probably get a new contraceptive, which will be based on a temporary "damage" sperm. They (but not the men themselves!) thus deprived of "capacity". Exposed to a new drug the mouse together obispado; now it remains to be tested in humans, reports ИноСМИ.Ru with reference to To obtain permission for such tests is not difficult: the drug is already used today for treatment of a very rare genetic disease - disease of Gaucher. New contraceptive will be available in tablets for oral administration and, according to its creators at the University of Oxford (UK), should have less side effects than are in parallel to the development of hormonal preparations of the same purpose, which is aimed at suppressing sperm count while maintaining normal levels of testosterone. It is also important that the new drug reversibility of the effect of contraception, that is, the restoration of normal semen quality should be much higher than other experimental non-hormonal analogues. Читать полностью -->

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