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Hot debate surrounding area

Hot debate surrounding areaThe Ministry of health of Germany says it has no plans to introduce a ban on Smoking in restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments, however, their owners, and manufacturers of cigarettes in advance Express their indignation against the possible measures. Smokers already have a hard time: from offices and shops gradually supplanted in the Smoking room or even on the street, the EU plans to ban the advertising of cigarettes, and the German government is going to raise the price per pack of cigarettes to shamelessly high level 4,70 Euro. And now another rumor about the ban on Smoking in restaurants, bars, cafГ©s and similar establishments. Last weekend the Deputy Minister of health and the Commissioner on matters of narcotic drugs of the government of Mrs. Marion Caspers-Merk demanded to extend the ban on Smoking in eating places and entertainment centers as well as schools, government agencies and hospitals. The face of violent protests by opposition parties and owners of establishments of the Ministry of health has hastened to declare that the ban on Smoking in such establishments is not provided. Читать полностью -->

SARS will cause damage to the Russian pharmaceutical business

SARS will cause damage to the Russian pharmaceutical businessAccording to the who, globally, the number of infected "severe acute respiratory syndrome (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - SARS) was already 5050 man, and died as a result of this epidemic - 321 people. The vast majority of cases of atypical pneumonia people live in South-East Asia. Gradually approaching epidemic threshold and the number of infected in China and India. It is not excluded that in the near future, these countries will be closed for quarantine and export any products from them stopped. According to the research company RMBC in 2002, China's share in the total supply of pharmaceutical substances was 11, 4%. The Share Of India - 9,12%. Читать полностью -->

Drugstores on duty other cities

Drugstores on duty other citiesBarkauskaiteluksiene doctor Sotnikova. Lenin, 7238-07-arteca "36,6"Lenin Ave, 2223-25-haptica doctor Weholesale. A. Petrov, 17044-54-hadena spravochnyyserver"pharmacy" №PR. World 4053-37-04"pharmacy" № PR. Dovatora, 2352-32-10"sibyl"Ave Costa, 26074-64-69"Health"Ave Costa, 19354-08-08"Card"street of Kirov, 3054-08-85"Venus"Ul. Читать полностью -->

Testosterone increases libido

Testosterone increases libidoRemoval of the ovaries is quite a common medical intervention in women. One of the complications of this operation is frequently reduced libido. The use of estrogen is not often does not lead to correction of these disorders. It is proposed to amend to substitute female sex hormones (estrogens) additional appointment of testosterone is not traumatic by transcutaneous dose of 300 mcg/day 2 times per week. In women who were receiving additional testosterone, sexuality, satisfying, i.e. accompanied by orgasm intensified by 110% compared with the placebo group - 43%) and, as a consequence, women have been less emotional stress. Читать полностью -->

Russian experts believe that drug addiction is fully cured

Russian experts believe that drug addiction is fully cured"Drug addiction, according to Russian and international science, incurable disease. And we believe that it is solely a psychological setting, and it can be cured 100%", - said the Director for science and technology Institute of conduct Vladimir Ivanov. Unique technology for releasing a drug-dependent person from psychological needs in drugs Institute of conduct was developed and is implementing in collaboration with a number of Russian scientists, said the Chairman of the Board of the Institute Igor Kuzichev. As noted by the representatives of the Institute, the technique was developed in 1997, however, its development and propagation delay the need for lengthy preparation and training of specialists in this field, which takes 2-2,5 years. Thus, the Institute may prepare only one or two specialists per year. According to the Institute, during the application of the methodology has been released from the drug about 500 people. Читать полностью -->

growing numbers of cancer patients

growing numbers of cancer patientsIn the past 30 years, the world has seen a significant growth of breast cancer and lung. In his report to the British research organization Cancer Research UK says that much of this increase was due to increases in life expectancy, because the cancer is usually more common in old age. Other factors include poor diet and Smoking. In the study, doctors have revealed populations are more prone to disease certain types of cancer, which can contribute to a more effective fight against the disease. Since 1975, the population has increased from 4 billion to approximately 6,3. People aged over 60 years now the world is 10%, however, it is expected that this proportion will increase to 22% by 2050, scientists say. Читать полностью -->

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