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Dislocation of the tooth

Dislocation of the toothThe DISLOCATION of TOOTH - violent displacement of the tooth from damage to the periodontium. Sprains are divided into incomplete and complete, when a tooth has lost communication with the hole and impacted dislocations. Symptoms - severe pain, displacement of the tooth of the dentition, its abnormal mobility. Later arise inflammation of the periodontium and necrosis of the dental pulp. Treatment. In case of incomplete dislocation of the tooth is set in the hole and is fixed to the adjacent teeth. Читать полностью -->

It is recommended for men to become fathers to years

It is recommended for men to become fathers to  yearsIt is recommended for men to become fathers to 35 years American scientists have discovered that the genetic damage to the sperm causing infertility, can begin in men at the age of 35. According to researchers, men at the age of thirty-forty years, engaged young career, not families, are much less likely to become fathers than young representatives of a strong half of mankind. Experts from the University of Washington examined sperm samples sixty volunteers aged 22 to 60 years. They did not suffer from any diseases that affect reproductive function. A group of scientists led by Professor of Narendra Singh found that the genetic quality of sperm is directly associated with age, and after 35 years, the number of spermatozoa in the seminal fluid becomes much lower. Men in the older age group in the sperm was more damaged DNA, and these violations are more severe. Читать полностью -->

Foreigners in Russia will be treated under "my word""

Foreigners in Russia will be treated under The RF government approved the rules of rendering of medical assistance to foreign nationals on the territory of Russia - the corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov. According to the document, emergency medical assistance to foreigners should be free of charge and without delay. Such assistance is provided in medical institutions "in the case of States that pose a direct threat to the life or requiring urgent medical intervention (consequences of accidents, injuries, poisoning)",- the document says. After exiting these States foreign citizens can be provided with regular medical care. We can help foreigners on a paid basis, the document says. Routine medical care is provided in accordance with the contract on the provision of paid medical services or a contract of voluntary or compulsory health insurance. Читать полностью -->

Massage effect on the skin

Massage effect on the skinThe skin is about 20% of the total mass of the human body. Is it for the normal functioning of internal organs is difficult to overestimate. It protects the body from adverse external influences (mechanical, chemical, microbial). The most complicated processes in the skin, complement, and sometimes duplicate the function of some internal organs. Healthy skin surface involved in the process of respiration, metabolism, heat transfer, excretion of excess water and waste products. The skin consists of nackoney (epidermis) and the skin (dermis). Читать полностью -->

From SARS have died and people

 From SARS have died and  peopleAccording to the latest data of the world Health organization, atypical pneumonia at the moment, all over the world are sick 1 662 people, 58 of them died. According to the Monday of information, the greatest number of cases and deaths attributable to China - 1 respectively 336 and 47. Of them in Hong Kong (formerly Hong Kong) ill 530 and died 13 people. 91 case registered in Singapore (died 2), 58 - Vietnam 4 of them died. Europe was affected to a much lesser extent. 5 people get sick in Germany, 3 in Switzerland and Romania, 2 in Italy and Ireland, 1 in France, reports "Interfax".. Читать полностью -->

products McDonald"s will indicate the fat content and calories

products McDonaldAll products that are sold in restaurants McDonalds's, will be referred to the fat content and calories. Thus McDonalds''s going to answer the accusations of the enemies of fast food, which claim that this network eateries helps obese people. Nutritionists have welcomed the plans of the company. Visitors McDonald's will be put on notice that in the "big Mac", for example, contains features of 22.9 grams of fat and 493 calories, according to British newspaper the Mirror in the material, the translation of which is published "Big Mac with super-portion of fries and a large chocolate shake contains 1495 calories is two-thirds the number of calories needed per day for an adult woman. Using a new advertising step McDonalds''s going to answer the accusations of the enemies of fast food, which claim that network eateries helps obese people. Читать полностью -->

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