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Stem cells can become "normal sperm""

Stem cells can become Researchers close to the creation of sperm cells from normal cells. The study was conducted on cells derived from mouse embryos, but most experts don't see a reason why the experiment may not work on human cells. Possible huge prospects for reproductive technologies and regenerative medicine. The research is conducted Toshiaki Noce from Mitsubishi Called the Institute of Life Sciences in Tokyo. Stem cells were grown in different cultures, then placed in testicular tissue and eventually underwent meiosis and started to form in sperm cells.. . Читать полностью -->

Drugs used in pediatric anesthesia, cause brain damage

Drugs used in pediatric anesthesia, cause brain damageDrugs used in pediatric anesthesia, cause brain damage The drugs commonly used in pediatric anesthesia, cause brain damage and disrupt the learning ability in rats. According to "Ananov", American researchers from Saint Louis gave 7-day rats drugs midazolam, isoflurane and nitrous oxide, which are often used for anesthesia, including children. After the rats recovered after anesthesia, they were divided into 3 groups. The brain of the rats from the first group examined the next day, the second group was assigned to live a month, and the third was allowed to reach adulthood. The study showed serious damage to brain cells in all rats. When tests of intelligence and memory (with maze) rats exposed to anesthesia, showed significantly worse results. Читать полностью -->

High conceit prolongs life

High conceit prolongs lifePeople with high self-conceit live significantly longer than those who are not satisfied with themselves. To such conclusion came a British doctor Peter marmot. His study, published in the British Medical Journal, show that high self-esteem not only prolongs life, but also improves the immune system. In addition, self-satisfied people are less prone to depression, cardiovascular disease. According to sir Marmot, thanks to the high conceit of the famous winners of the Academy award live on average four years longer than nominees who have not received this prestigious award. The doctor believes that the treatment of some diseases need not only to provide patients with necessary medications, but try to maximize their mood. Читать полностью -->

The basic rules of diagnosis

The basic rules of diagnosisThe basic rules of diagnosis Many analyses do not happen - any analysis or study give the doctor additional information that helps the most accurate diagnosis, to determine the stage of the disease, to control the disease, prescribe treatment. Any research and analysis may contain human or hardware error, or your body may give the "wrong" information appliances, because some of its parameters differ sharply from the average norm. Therefore, it is always desirable that the doctor was able to prescribe confirming or clarifying analyses. For example, in the diagnosis of infections is highly desirable to pass not only the determination of the pathogen (culture, PCR, etc), but also the determination of the reaction to the introduction of infection (ELISA, RAC, etc). During the examination, you can examine the state of the organism at different levels. X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography and other methods provide information mainly about the "external" state organs and structures of the body. Читать полностью -->


CoralsCorals *32r*This petrified polyps, came to us from the sea. Energy coral activates the metabolism, has a good effect on the blood circulation and the cardiovascular system, improves memory. The calcium carbonate contained in the corals, soothes, relieves irritability. Well cures diseases of the stomach, spleen, intestinal diseases, and infectious diseases. Corals treat abscesses and ulcers, including internal. If worn on the index finger of the right hand, he purifies the blood. Читать полностью -->

The history of massage

The history of massageThe history of massage Massage originated in the early stages of development of traditional medicine. In ancient times people with various ailments and pains applied kneading, pollutive body. There is evidence that massage many centuries ago it was used as a remedy residents on the Islands of the Pacific ocean. Interesting history of the word "massage". Thus, some authors believe that it comes from the Arabic mass or from Masch (gently knead, press), others from the Greek masso (to RUB, crush, squeeze hands, others from Latin massa (adhering to the fingers.) Massage in ancient times was part of the medical art. The Indians and Chinese were the first who described the techniques of massage. Читать полностью -->

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