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AlopeciaALOPECIA (baldness, alopecia) is the absence or thinning hair (usually on the head). Alopecia can be total (no hair), diffuse (sharp thinning hair and alopecia (absence of hair on the limited areas). Origin and clinical features there are several varieties of alopecia. Congenital alopecia, caused by genetic defects, there is a significant thinning or complete absence of hair often in combination with other ectodermal dysplasia. The prognosis is poor. Symptomatic alopecia is a complication of severe systemic diseases (acute infection, diffuse connective tissue disease, endocrinopathies, syphilis, and others). Читать полностью -->

instrument Invented to simulate fingerprints

instrument Invented to simulate fingerprintsAmerican scientists have invented a device that allows you to create an artificial fingerprints. The basis of the device is supposed forming the skin of the fingers, beginning in the womb. The new device will likely be useful for forensic identification of individuals. In the skin secrete a special layer of cells that separates the epidermis from the dermis - the so-called basal layer. During fetal development in the womb first of all layers of skin grow with the same speed, but with the 10th week of pregnancy basal layer starts to grow faster than the other layers. Not standing in the narrow space between the epidermis and the dermis, the basal layer shrinks, forming folds and grooves. Читать полностью -->


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