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Diseases insects can be dangerous to humans

Diseases insects can be dangerous to humansIn the United States and Australia registered about a dozen cases of a new disease, the causative agent of which first caused the disease only in insects. Got the infection beetles begin to glow, and people - appear on the skin ulcers. The fact that infection insects were infected people, scientists explain the mutation of the pathogen. Cases may be more, but maybe the doctors take them for any other skin. The disease responds well to treatment, but scientists fear that new mutations can transform microorganisms that cause disease in insects, pathogens dangerous infections of man. This is exactly what happened with the plague and anthrax. Читать полностью -->

Doctors Germany will double parlato

Doctors Germany will double parlatoChristian democratic party of Germany introduced its own program of reorganization of the national health system. The new project envisages doubling of wages. Now Germany has a highly bureaucratic system of health care, the effectiveness of which experts have long considered too low for a developed European country. In particular, according to some estimates, each year the German health care loses because of corruption around 18-20 million euros, and the total deficit of the health budget is up to 15 billion euros. KM.RU: Health. . Читать полностью -->

an avian influenza Pandemic is inevitable

an avian influenza Pandemic is inevitableThe world is facing a pandemic of avian influenza, or kill people, and from all countries of the Asia and South-East Asia, only Thailand can deal with it, warned on Wednesday, the world health organization (who). Representatives who said that the virus could mutate and become more infectious to humans, which will facilitate its spread over large distances. According to experts, the outbreak of avian flu can lead to death from one to seven million people. "Perhaps we are in the last line, after which arise pandemic virus. The question, whether there will be a pandemic of avian influenza, there is no reason, now it sounds like "when will the pandemic," said Dr. Jai P. Читать полностью -->

Nicotine useful

Nicotine usefulA number of studies conducted by Duke University showed that moderate consumption of nicotine has beneficial effects on memory in the elderly. To improve memory, researchers have used the patch, nicotine, and not cigarettes. . . . Читать полностью -->

"Trojan horse" destroys blood clots

To prevent the formation of thrombus or destroy already formed will the method of "Trojan horse" proposed by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania. Instead of entering the medication into the bloodstream, it is proposed to provide the task of sighting delivery erythrocytes - red blood cells, which are involved in the formation of a blood clot. In this study, the researchers under the leadership of Vladimir Muzykantov (Vladimir R. Muzykantov) from the Department of pharmacology, medical faculty associated the drug with the surface of the erythrocyte. As an active component selected tissue plasminogen activator. Due to this complex term of the medication is increased ten times, and the probability of complications - bleeding decreases. Читать полностью -->

Diabetics can be seen in diseased heart

Diabetics can be seen in diseased heartIn patients with diabetes, while no clinically severe cardiac pathology, however, were impaired systolic and diastolic functions. Early detection of these abnormalities contribute to their timely correction and to improve long-term prognosis. It was also found that at the initial stages of cardiac pathology in diabetes response of the left ventricle (LV) to the load remains stable, therefore, ischemia caused by damage to the small vessels, at this stage does not play the leading role. Dr. Thomas H. Marwick and his colleagues (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia) compared the response of LV on the load dobutamine 41 diabetic and 41 healthy person with low probability of coronary artery disease (control group). Читать полностью -->

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