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Nursing after abdomino-perineal operations

Nursing after abdomino-perineal operationsWhat special care after abdomino-perineal removing the rectum? In the postoperative period, special attention should be paid to wound care in the crotch area. Excessive blood soaking bandages in the first hours after surgery should be alarming. If the General condition of the patient remains satisfactory (pulse sufficient filling, there is a sharp drop in blood pressure) and bleeding from the wound is small, then the doctor is enough to change the bandage. With continued bleeding should be transfused blood and blood substitutes. The ineffectiveness of measures to stop bleeding, the doctor performs an audit of the wound and ligation of the bleeding vessel. Usually tampons are removed, not immediately, but gradually tightening them, starting with 2 and ending with 4-5-th day after the operation. Читать полностью -->

Rhabdomyosarcoma in children

Rhabdomyosarcoma in childrenThe most common form of soft tissue sarcomas in pediatric practice. There are 3 histological variants: embryonal, alveolar, and polymorphic. More common in children aged 2 to 6 years in the following sequence: head and neck, prostate, bladder, and vagina. In the Junior age-those malignant tumors such structures are found on the extremities, in the testes and paratesticular tissue. Surgical removal is carried out at small tumors. Rhabdomyosarcoma, particularly embryonic, are radiosensitive tumors, therefore, radiation therapy is an essential component of combined treatment. Читать полностью -->

Asthma will win with the help of loose teeth

Asthma will win with the help of loose teethThe mystery of bronchial asthma will open with the help of a huge collection of loose milk teeth. British scientists believe that the mineral composition of the teeth can tell a lot about the intake of micronutrients in the body of the child during fetal development. They will test the theory that the risk of asthma affected by the lack of iron and selenium. This study was conducted with Dr. Saif Shahin (Seif Shaheen) from king's College London and Dr John Appleton from the faculty of dentistry of the University of Liverpool. The material will serve as the teeth 250 children with asthma and 250 healthy children, selected from nearly 12000 deciduous teeth collected by scientists from the University of Bristol for their research. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have uncovered the mystery curly hair

Scientists have uncovered the mystery curly hairScientists from the research branch of the famous company L''oreal revealed the secret of curly hair, making it possible to search for innovative ways to change hairstyles. For a long time people were not able to identify exactly what makes curly hair curly and straight - straight. L''oreal decided to study this matter at the atomic level, for which we used one of the largest synchrotrons located in Grenoble. Eventually, scientists discovered the link between the shape of the hair and the shape of the bulb, lying at a depth of 4 mm. If it has the form of a comma, and then the hair is twisted with the growth, if it is straight - straight hair. So, say the researchers, onion affects the growth of hair, as if guiding system. Читать полностью -->

Donors-the Chinese are ready to share all except for the eyes

Donors-the Chinese are ready to share all except for the eyesDonors-the Chinese are ready to share all except for the eyes The Chinese population of Singapore has issued a sharp protest against the inclusion of the human eye in the national programme transplantation of donor organs. The Chinese require that in the case of donors of Chinese nationality eyes as suitable for transplantation organ was not considered: the Buddhist beliefs of a person in any case not to be deprived of his eyes, even in death, as in this case, in the hereafter he will be born either totally blind or one-eyed. The government is inclined to listen to these requirements, since the eye as a donor organ can not save a life, and, therefore, their use in this case is optional.. . . . Читать полностью -->

In the United States is preparing for the first transplant surgery face

In the United States is preparing for the first transplant surgery faceIn the United States is preparing for the first transplant of a person. The team, led by Dr. Maria Semenova, Director of the division of plastic surgery American "Cleveland clinic" in the next few weeks will have to conduct interviews with twelve potential candidates. Semenov does not specify which parameters will be selected first patient for unique operations. Semenov says that her goal is to help people whose face was disfigured by fire, accident or other accidents. Many conventional plastic surgery to help. Читать полностью -->

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