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Police blocking infected with FMD village in Primorye

Police blocking infected with FMD village in PrimoryeIn several districts of Primorsky Krai in Russia, a disease of cattle FMD was forced to declare a state of emergency. Widely exhibited stations disinfection, sanitary checkpoints. They are on duty vets and the police. Roads to the villages, in which cases the animals are blocked by traffic police posts. In order to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease in the far East scored more than 1,200 cows. They were all affected by the virus "Asia -1". Читать полностью -->

Medicine in the XVI-XIX centuries

Medicine in the XVI-XIX centuriesSlow but steady development of medical knowledge begins in Western Europe in the 12th-13th centuries (which was reflected, for example, in the activities of the University of Salerno). But only in the Renaissance of the native Swiss physician Paracelsus made a strong criticism of galenism and promotion of new medicine, based not on authority, but on experience and knowledge. Considering the cause of chronic diseases disorder chemical reactions in the digestion and absorption, Paracelsus introduced in clinical practice various chemical and mineral water. Then rebelled against the authority of Galen, the founder of modern anatomy Vesalius; on the basis of systematic anatomy of the corpses he described the structure and function of the human body. The transition from scholastic to mechanical and mathematical consideration of nature had a great influence on the development of medicine. English physician William Harvey created the doctrine of the circulation of the blood (1628), thus laying the foundations of modern physiology. Читать полностью -->

American scientists have created an androgynous creature

American scientists have created an androgynous creatureU.S. scientists have created the embryo, while combining both male and female cells. Dr. Norbert Gleicher from the Fund for reproductive medicine in Chicago introduced the male cells in female embryo. In his opinion, the results of this experiment can help in the treatment of diseases caused by the defeat of one gene, reports Reuters UK. However, it is likely that the plans of Dr. Читать полностью -->

the Psyche of the American Marines have not stood the test of Iraq

 the Psyche of the American Marines have not stood the test of IraqDocuments of the Navy of the United States, published on Tuesday, December 14, revealed many problems with the psyche of the Marines who have served in Iraq. The report describes cases of delirium in the U.S. military, who were never told about the events. For example, how they killed an Iraqi soldier in combat or shooting at Iraqis lying on the ground, to make sure that they are dead. One marine told about the gala dinner with Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (Donald H. Rumsfeld), the other is about honoring him at the parade. Читать полностью -->

Kids will get rid of runny nose, sniffing the grass

Kids will get rid of runny nose, sniffing the grassKids will get rid of runny nose, sniffing the grass To transform the treatment of ENT diseases in children in a pleasant pastime can now Metropolitan doctors. Recently specialists 9th children's city clinical hospital n.a. Speranskii was used aromatherapy as a complementary treatment, for example, chronic runny nose ?osnago and ?Gorlovka diseases. The healing properties of various plants is well known. As reported ?The ice in the ENT Department of a hospital, it is possible herbs have antibacterial, antiseptic (anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect decided to use doctors in the hospital. For these purposes, on the basis of ENT departments equipped with a special room where sick children inhale the aromas of essential oils from Burnet, Heather, eucalyptus and many other medicinal plants. Читать полностью -->

Regulation of the mind (TNW blue)

Regulation of the mind (TNW blue)Taoists say, "When you study the great Tao, first stop the thoughts, if thoughts are not stopped, the lessons in vain". This means that when you begin to practice qigong, most difficult to stop the thinking process. The ultimate goal for your mind - a thought without thought. Your mind does not think either about the past or the present or the future. He is completely isolated from such influences the present as anxiety, happiness and sadness. Only in this case he is quiet and steady and, in the end, will find peace. Читать полностью -->

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