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the method of listening wind" (try to hear the qi enters and leaves during inhalation and exhalation)Breathing also has several varieties natural; causing the breath; passing; counter; delay; inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth; breathing, controlling blood vessels; hidden breath; pronounced breathLet us briefly consider the most important maintenance practices qigong In practice, Tu-to (throw and hold) the main thing is the training of the breath; in the system Jing Gong (retired) basic training for peace; the practice of Tao-Yin (direct and extended) means "to lead and stretch" an idea, practice Zhan Zhuang Gong (standing pole or standing pile) involves prolonged training in the attitude of "standing pole"

the method of listening windphysical training and exercise, rest the joint term Dong-Gong (work in motion). To improve the circulation of qi used self-massage and other practices. Martial qigong based on Zhan-Zhuang Gong, i.e. motionless standing. His description is as follows: feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, the body should be straight, chin slightly raised, but not to flood the interior. Читать полностью -->

the Ozone is the driving force of atherosclerosis

the Ozone is the driving force of atherosclerosisIt turns out that ozone acts as a kind of fuel for the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Saturated fat deposition, which is a sign of atherosclerosis, contain all the components required for the production of ozone. There is every reason to believe that there are special molecules that produce ozone. In atherosclerotic plaques detected by-products of the interaction of ozone with lipids that contribute to atherosclerosis. Scientists believe that the ozone is a party to all stages of the atherosclerotic process. Megafarm. Читать полностью -->

Apples prevent cancer

Apples prevent cancerPeople who love apples, can not be afraid of bowel cancer. As shown by studies conducted in France, contained in apples substance effective in preventing the development of tumors. According to the report presented by scientists from the French National Institute for health and medical research conference of the American Association of gynecologic oncologists, the main "anti-cancer" component of the apples is the so-called procyanidin. This substance (or group of substances with similar chemical structure) may influence the processes of cell division and apoptosis (programmed cell death). And how disruption of these processes underlie the transformation of healthy cells into malignant, it is not surprising that eating foods with a high content of procyanidin affects the likelihood of developing cancer. KM.RU: Health. Читать полностью -->

Quantum medicine is a new name for a new era

Quantum medicine is a new name for a new era*Every person has a unique personality* Can be called a treatment process to save human life at the cost of his disability? Eastern medicine for thousands of years expressly says that any effects on tissue (somatic) hypostasis of the body obviously wrong, if it does not participate in the treatment process structures responsible for energy information interchange between subject (organism) and the object (the environment, World, Universe, Cosmos). It is the availability and quality of this interchange, and depends, in particular, the state of the somatic structures of the body, and, by and large - and the very existence of the organism as a whole! Unfortunately, still modern conventional medicine with amazing persistence, practically ignored the most interesting research papers and practical achievements of scientists and doctors, confirming the validity of ingenious conjectures about ancient dualistic structure of the world and the primacy in this structure *thin*, *inmaterials*, *wave*, *field* of layers that define the indissoluble unity of matter and fields, particles and waves, man and the universe! Of course, drugs are a major achievement of human civilization. In the twentieth century was invented by a huge number of medicines, which was conquered many diseases. At the same time, gradually began to identify the negative consequences of the abuse of drugs. Several thousand years ago, ancient Chinese medicine was formulated General rule: "Medicine is poison, so already at that time in China was developing non-medical methods of treatment. Speaking of traditional Chinese medicine, first of all it should be noted acupuncture and massage as the most effective methods of non-medical treatment. Читать полностью -->

The new Queen Scorpions

The new Queen ScorpionsThe new Queen Scorpions A resident of Thailand 30 years Kanchana CETCO spent 32 days in a room together with 3400 live Scorpions. Kanchana broke the record 24-year-old resident of Malaysia, which last year spent a month in the company of 2700 Scorpions. For all time of stay in the private glass room with poisonous insects, Scorpions repeatedly biting the Kachan, but doctors are confident that the record holder has already developed immunity against them and so the girl is not threatened. As reported, Kachan most of his time with the Scorpions, entertaining tourists visiting Bangkok. The girl is allowed to leave the room for 15 minutes after every 8 hours. Source: ROL. Читать полностью -->

Alternative therapy - the therapeutic properties of metals

Alternative therapy - the therapeutic properties of metalsAlternative therapy - the therapeutic properties of metals The last years of the twentieth century is characterized by appeal to is not the usual treatments. One of them is metalotherapy. Although everyone in childhood have experienced it for yourself: we all happened to bruises and shots to make copper nickle. The healing properties of copper and other metals has always used traditional healers. It is considered, for example, that silver balances the nervous system, treats stomach disorders. Steel plates embedded in socks, correct epilepsy. Читать полностью -->

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