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lifetime analysis of a blood?

lifetime analysis of a blood?New work carried out by American scientists from the state University of Uta on the blood samples of 20 years ago, found a strong correlation between the length of a segment of DNA called a given telomere and is located at the end of chromosomes, cells, and likely to live after 60 another 15 years or more. Every time there is a cell division, the telomere is shortened to a certain segment; if shortened nowhere, the cell dies. It was found that telomere length are from 1930 until 4310 "base pairs of DNA and each year they are shortened by about 14 base pairs. Thus, the initially shorter the telomeres, the sooner they cigoutlet analysis of a single drop of blood ready in six hours, and it can qualitatively transform the health care system. However, Richard Coton, the scientist who headed the project, fears that, if it turns out that the length of telomeres from an early age is a reliable indicator of life expectancy, people can refuse insurance and they will pay for treatment. "In the UK there is no danger, because there is a service of the national health," said Dr. Читать полностью -->

Cancer of the salivary glands

Cancer of the salivary glandsMore common malignant tumor in the parotid gland, often in the submandibular and sublingual. Dominated by zipentry (adenomatosna carcinoma), adenocarcinoma, less epidermoid carcinoma and undifferentiated cancer. Cylindroma have a tight capsule, bad move, grow slowly, causing severe pain, paralysis of the facial muscles. For this tumor is characterized by hematogenous metastases (lung, bone). In 10% of patients are observed metastases in cervical lymph nodes. Malignant tumors are characterized by different histological structure, grow quickly, there are no clear borders of the tumor, infiltered the skin, subcutaneous tissue. Читать полностью -->


SalpingitisSALPINGITIS - inflammation of the fallopian tubes. Often accompanied by a simultaneous inflammation of the ovaries. Called a variety of microflora (stafilo and Streptococcus, Escherichia, gonorrhea, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and others). The process begins with the mucous membrane tubes (endosalpinx), then goes to the muscular and serous membrane covering it. In the adhesive process folds the inner lining of the fallopian tubes are soldered, there is their obstruction. The accumulation of exudate leads to the development of hydrosalpinx, pus - pyosalpinx, blood - hematocolpos. Читать полностью -->

Mostostal dead hostages poisoned gas

Mostostal  dead hostages  poisoned gasMostostal: 117 dead hostages 116 poisoned gas As a result of the terrorist attack in Moscow killed 117 people. One man died from a gunshot wound to the head, the rest died from the effects of a special gas. ITAR-TASS with reference to the Chairman of the health Committee of Moscow Andrei saltovskogo, press conference which took place on Sunday. Seltsovsky, however, noted that: "In pure form from the use of such weapons not perish." According to him, the effects of non-lethal weapons only complicated such detrimental factors created by the actions of the terrorists, as physical inactivity among the hostages, the lack of food and water, existing chronic disease, psychogenic shock, shared a stressful situation. As stated Seltsovsky, prior to the assault the doctors did not know about the nature of the special equipment that will be used. However, he noted that the antidote (standard antidote syringes), which was applied after the impact of these non-lethal weapons, wide steps and calculated to neutralize quite a large number of non-lethal weapons. Читать полностью -->

Flash fever Marburg in Angola unable to take control of

Flash fever Marburg in Angola unable to take control ofThe outbreak of a deadly fever Marburg in Angola unable to take control, said in a statement to the world health organization (who). As of 6 April 200 registered cases, of which 173 have been fatal. The total number of affected provinces has reached six, all of them are located in the North-West of the country. The fever virus Marburg refers to extremely dangerous, it can only be conducted in a specially-designed and equipped laboratories. Currently, who organized an interconnected network of institutions that have experience with this pathogen. Consultative-diagnostic support to Angola to provide the leading laboratories in Germany, Canada, USA and South Africa, directly in the affected country has the field laboratory of the Centre for control and prevention (CDC). Читать полностью -->

Chinese virus

Chinese virusIn the shops of the southern Chinese province of Guangzhou, almost no vinegar. His panic bought the population to use as a disinfectant against struck the region of the unknown lung virus. Now in the hospital with pneumonia are 300 people. According to doctors, five patients died - the residents of Guangzhou sure that in reality, the epidemic took to the grave a few hundred of their countrymen. Has disappeared from drugstores all antibiotics and respirators. But the vinegar that speculators taking advantage of the high demand, has repeatedly inflated prices, is hardly the only cure for the virus. Читать полностью -->

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