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ConsanguinityDetermination of paternity, as a contribution to the future prosperity of children Actually, what we call the determination of paternity is called a definition of consanguinity. This name was formed, partly historically, as was originally invented for mirthless examinations for forensic identification of human remains or dead people. To this day, this analysis applies when there are wars, murders, accidents, disasters and rape. To catch the perpetrators in the West are sperm banks rapists and even many years later, when the victim will not be able to accurately identify the culprit - analysis will provide the identification with 100% accuracy. A little to illustrate the application of this analysis in relation to sperm banks can such a case, when returning from a trip, the husband brought to the laboratory sheet with traces of semen and sperm in the Bank, that genetics has identified his semen on the sheet or not. By the way, it turned out that his. Читать полностью -->


ScabiesSCABIES is a contagious parasitic disease of humans characterized by nocturnal itching) by scratching, the formation of the skin "scabby moves". The disease is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei. Infection occurs from a sick person by direct contact or through the items that were in its use (clothes, bedding and other). The incubation period of around 1-2 weeks. Clinical manifestations caused by the introduction of fertilized females of the tick in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, where it digs cestocide moves, which lays eggs. After 2 weeks, passing through several stages of development, from eggs appear Mature forms of the parasite, which will be implemented after fertilization in the new skin. Читать полностью -->

Work in the hearth of tuberculosis infection

Work in the hearth of tuberculosis infectionFoci of tuberculosis infection is the room in which the patient lives tuberculosis. When someone starts a primary survey of the center of tuberculosis infection? The primary survey of the center shall be no later than 3 days from the date of registration of the patient with a contagious form of tuberculosis. Primary study focus, the investigation of the causes of disease detection and identification of the source of infection should be conducted in conjunction with the TB, the local nurse dispensary and epidemiologist tuberculosis (or his assistant). How to conduct a primary survey of the center of tuberculosis infection? During the examination of the hearth should be paid attention to identifying the source of contamination. Given that the incubation period of TB can be up to 2 or even 5 years should investigate possible contacts with patients during this period. When identifying contact persons in the centers should be interested not only those who live at this address, but also those who visit the apartment, and also to determine the production contacts working. Читать полностью -->

Ebola Virus will search for satellites

Ebola Virus will search for satellitesResearchers will use satellites to determine the source of the epidemic of Ebola virus. This disease is fatal in 70% of cases. Scientists believe that there are natural reservoirs of this virus in Central Africa. For example, animals are carriers of the virus. Therefore, disease outbreaks occur in areas where people may come into contact with dangerous mammal populations. However, the search for these "tanks" are extremely difficult because of the large areas in remote areas that need to be checked. Читать полностью -->

Fruit flies are being treated for alcoholism

Fruit flies are being treated for alcoholismFruit flies are being treated for alcoholism During the regular studies of the genome of the so-called fruit flies (Drosophila) employees of the University of California San Francisco were able to determine that some of these genes flies prevent the emergence of their addiction to alcohol. Scientists assume that similar genes play an equally important role in the human body, however, the role, directly opposite orientation. However, if this assumption is confirmed, then the doctors will have an additional chance to help people get rid of alcohol addiction. And if in the future it will be possible to immediately change the "addictive genes", and generally once and for all to free mankind from alcoholism. A detailed report on this study, and, in particular, about gene mutations that reduce the intensity of some types of alcohol, was posted on the website BioMedNet. Source: РњIGNews. Читать полностью -->

risk Factors for stomach cancer

 risk Factors for stomach cancerSmoking, infection with Helicobacter pylori and low levels of ascorbic acid and alpha - tocopherol are risk factors of gastric cancer. It is believed that stomach cancer occurs by gradual changes of the mucous membranes, however, the determinants of the occurrence of precancerous lesions are not sufficiently understood. What would you identify these causes Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (USA) conducted a survey from 1989 to 1990 among 3433 people in China. According to the results of the survey revealed the consumption of alcohol, Smoking, the first passage endoscopy. Were evaluated 2646 about people, and about 450 has determined the level of micronutrients in the serum. Then the study was conducted in 1994. Читать полностью -->

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