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New Swedish custom to bury people on fertilizers

New Swedish custom to bury people on fertilizersSwedish city Jonkoping in the South of the country plans to become the first on the planet where human bodies will be recycled into compost. Corpses will freeze and dry, then grind into a powder and use it for fertilizer for trees. New funeral custom, which was proposed to impose on the whole of Sweden aims to be an environmentally friendly alternative to cremation and normal burial. Local crematorium next year plan to convert in the so-called "promatory". "Funeral" for the innovative method suggest freezing the body, after which it is dipped in liquid nitrogen and then turned into powder by soft vibrations. The powder will be dumped in a box made from potato or corn starch, which, in turn, will be placed in a shallow grave. Читать полностью -->

Xenon against stroke

Xenon against strokeXenon against stroke The experiments showed that the noble gas helps to reduce the effects of strokes, brain injuries and other injuries that cause paralysis of the nervous tissue. As found Biophysics from Imperial College in London, xenon able to block the receptors that control nerve cells and preventing their death. A specific effect of xenon was discovered during testing of new means of anesthesia. Professor at Imperial College, Mervyn maze (Mervyn Maze), working as an anesthesiologist at the hospital Chelsea and Westminster (London) believes that this will help to create effective means for dealing with lesions of the nervous system. Although this method does not allow to restore nerve cells, but it will help keep them and to create conditions for further treatment. Professor Nick Franks (Nick Franks), who found that the effect of xenon, believes that this inert gas is a good candidate for the role of the medicinal product, as it is in our natural environment and non-toxic. Читать полностью -->


AnthropometryAnthropometry is the measurement of basic physical parameters of the person. Includes weighing, measurement of body length, circumference of the chest and abdomen. In some cases, measure key indicators of respiration (spirometry) and muscle strength (dynamometry). How is the length measurement of the human body? To measure the length of the body using a stadiometer, which is a vertical bar with indicated by the centimeter scale, mounted on the platform. On the vertical bar moves up and down the tablet horizontally placed visor. The patient is placed on the ground with his back to the vertical post so that it touches the rack heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck. Читать полностью -->

stomach Upset cause to be afraid of "atypical pneumonia""

stomach Upset cause to be afraid of Hong Kong authorities are concerned about the growing number of patients with acute viral gastroenteritis. Outbreak in one of the schools in the downtown area, has spread to other institutions, among which four schools, nursing home and hospital. In the first hearth ill 277 students, and just last week registered 409 infected. According to the Department of health, outbreak, associated with the virus Norfolk. This intestinal infection usually appears in places where non-compliance with standards of hygiene and food can be infected. The disease is manifested by vomiting and diarrhea, which occurred in this case. Читать полностью -->

ULTRASONIC scanner SA-C "Digital View""

ULTRASONIC scanner SA-C Fixed color ultrasound scanner with power Doppler sensor With 3-6 MHz/60R/60D (est. system: console sensor C 3-7 MHz/60R/60D). Manufacturer: Medison Country: South Korea Price: $43000.0 The field of medicine: functional diagnostics Devices Excellent imaging technology: 100 % of the formation and processing of digital images; Pixel-basis focusing; ERIA ((tm) scanning to digital conversion. Powerful functionality: SonoView Lite(tm) option to control the display. software; Powerful Doppler image; Cardiac software; 2D harmonics; Handmade 3D(tm) image; DICOM compatible. The ergonomic design of the system: PC-like user interface with pop-up menus and built-in hint. Читать полностью -->

% of women with increased breast want to "get it all back""

% of women with increased breast want to 40 percent of women increased its chest, would like to remove the implants due to complications. In addition, as found by the research of experts of the Centre for disease control British Columbia (B.C. Centre for Disease Control), women with breast implants often visit doctors and get into the hospital. According to the researchers, they did not aim to establish what consequences for health causes breast enlargement. Therefore, we cannot say that the cause of all revealed in cosmetic patients disease is the implant. Meanwhile, the findings surprised the scientists themselves: over 11 years of follow-up women with implants are four times more likely others were hospitalized for various reasons, constantly visited doctors, masseurs and beauticians, was dismissed from work because of illness. Читать полностью -->

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