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Medical center of Dr Nazaraliev

Medical center of Dr NazaralievMedical center of Dr. Nazaraliev Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev (aimed) - private specialized hospital treatment of patients with drug and alcohol addiction the author's method of Dr. Nazaraliev. The healing process: The therapeutic concept of the method is a holistic approach to treating a patient with a drug addiction, i.e. the impact on all levels of biological, psychological and social functioning. Читать полностью -->

Pressing (squeezing)

Pressing (squeezing)Basic massage techniques include the method of squeezing, which is somewhat reminiscent of the intake strokes, but is more vigorously and with greater speed. Unlike stroking squeezing has an impact not only on the skin, and subcutaneous tissue, connective tissue and upper muscle layers. Squeezing improves blood supply to the tissues of the body, increases lymphatic drainage and helps to get rid of edema and congestion, improves tissue nutrition, increases the temperature in the massaged area, analgesic effect. Due to its effects on the body, squeezing widely used in medical, hygiene and sports massage. Spend squeezing usually before kneading. Movement when holding the squeeze should be directed along the blood and lymph vessels. Читать полностью -->


SaltSalt is one of the most important components of our diet, the main supplier in the body of sodium and chlorine ions, which is essential for formation of the main components of gastric juice - alkali and hydrochloric acid. Salt is necessary for normal functioning of all cells, for water distribution in the tissues. The presence of salt in the sweat, saliva, urine, tears serves as evidence that the salt takes an active part in the life of the organism. However, in recent time, salt is often accused of it becomes the cause of various diseases. However, many scientists disagree. In their opinion, if a person begins to suffer from hypertension or obesity, salt nothing to do with it. Читать полностью -->

Shyness patients the reason for the neglect of diseases

Shyness patients the reason for the neglect of diseasesAccording to data published by the British researchers, many people suffering from diseases of the "intimate nature", prefer to suffer in silence than to go to the doctor with such shameful problems. The study, published in the report "a Guide to personal health, show that many people avoid the doctor and in cases when they detect lumps in the breast or testicles. In this case, in addition to shame governs them and fear to hear from the doctor "cancer is a death sentence. According to scientists, people do suffer needlessly from sexually transmitted diseases, urinary incontinence, excessive polosatosti and various phobias. They prefer to silently bear the cross" instead of under the supervision of an experienced specialist to get rid tormented their problems. Report author Dr. Читать полностью -->

If You're over

If You're over - You smoke very little and only on occasion? (Thrice test yourself). - Did you smoke more, but now he tossed? - Do you have safe sex? - How often do you drink? - Do you clean your teeth and rinse your mouth every day? Do you regularly visit the dentist for examination of the oral cavity? - Do you know how to control his temper? Do you have a firearm at home? - Do you work out as much as I recommend? - If you have normal weight? (Double-check). Below do 180's your cholesterol level? (Double-check). - If your cholesterol level between 200 and 180? Whether you're a disciplined driver? - Do you regularly visit your doctor? - Married do you (or have a constant companion)? - Do you feel that your life is at least satisfactory; the work you are satisfied with; money isn't important; - You are rarely alone? When moving a forty-year milestone priorities change. As you can see from the questionnaire disappeared clause to protect from the sun, a car becomes statistically less important, so the question of them is given in an abbreviated form. If you personally prefer to behave in a risky, then for you this danger remains. Читать полностью -->

What kind of bread is healthier for the body?

What kind of bread is healthier for the body?What kind of bread is healthier for the body? German researchers have found that the bread crust is a rich source of antioxidants and gives you a lot more health benefits than the rest of the bread. In addition, the most useful are well baked bakery products (cork dark brown), compared with slightly baked (cortex bright colors) and fried bread. The study is published in the journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry, published under the auspices of the American Chemical Society. Previous studies have shown that the bread contains formulations of antioxidants that work against the development of colon cancer. The current study of the properties of bread for the first time demonstrated that the main structure, which has antioxidant properties, is concentrated in the grain of Corteo, " says Thomas Hofmann, Ph.D., lead author of this project and Professor at the University of mГјnster, Germany. Using the normal mixture ferment containing rye and wheat flour, Hofmann and his colleagues analyzed bread crusts, bread crumbs over the soft part of the bread and flour for their content of antioxidant compounds and their activity. Читать полностью -->

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