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Spinal amyotrophy

Spinal amyotrophySPINAL AMYOTROPHY is a group of inherited chronic disease characterized by progressive atrophic paralysis caused by damage to the anterior horns of the spinal cord. Children of spinal amyotrophy, werdnig - Hoffmann manifests itself in the first year of life. The first affects the muscles of the torso and legs, later in the process involve all muscle groups, including the muscles innervated by cranial nerves. Disappear tendon reflexes. Typical fastsikulyarny twitching. Sensitivity and pelvic functions are not violated. Читать полностью -->

Psychologist Natalia A Panfilov

Psychologist Natalia A PanfilovPsychologist Natalia A. Panfilov The psychologist is not the person who will change your life. But it will help to learn the patience to accept what You cannot change. The psychologist is not the person who gives a magical life force. But it can help You to find a way to overcome something in their life. The psychologist is not the person who sees You through. Читать полностью -->

American scientists have found a "weak link" pneumonia

American scientists have found a American scientists from the Medical College albert Einstein (Albert Einstein College of Medicine in new York found "weak spot" one of the agents of pneumonia is Streptococcus, which can be a molecular target for new antibiotic, reports Newswise. If the results are confirmed by further studies, the doctors will be able to end up with pneumonia once and for all. "Weak spot" Streptococcus is a complex biochemical reaction involving a number of enzymes. Due to this reaction, the organism exerts its pathogenic properties. The scientists, led by Professor of biochemistry Thomas Lee (Thomas Leyh) found that a substance called diphosphonate (diphosphomevalonate, DPM) can block one of these enzymes, thereby stopping the entire reaction. In the lungs of mice exposed to diphosphonate streptococci die. Читать полностью -->

Mental disorders in pregnancy

Mental disorders in pregnancyThe study, published in the latest issue of Psychiatric Servises, showed that doctors overseeing the pregnancy, often pay insufficient attention to mental health patients. "The aim of our work was to assess the effectiveness of detection and treatment of depressive disorders, panic disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder in pregnant women," writes M. C. Smith, one of the authors of the article. In the study participated 387 women attending prenatal consultations. After the consultation, patients were asked whether their physicians identified anxiety or mood disorder. Читать полностью -->

Evil is the love or fall in love to your health!

Evil is the love or fall in love to your health!Evil is the love or fall in love to your health! Stories about happy and unhappy love know everything. Maybe once in your life, too, the question arose: why love is not always everything as you would like? When it comes to mutual and beautiful love, in the head immediately comes known Romeo and Juliet. But enough for someone a secret and psychologists ' opinion on this: if Romeo and Juliet suddenly got married we would not have been happy. Because love, even the most high and excellent (especially if it ends with marriage), also sooner or later begin the week. Time passes, and suddenly it turns out that next to You is, to put it mildly, not the one with whom you married married. Often at the reception, a psychologist, you can hear that boyfriend or girlfriend has changed: not saying, don't go, little attention and so on, But actually there is a strong likelihood that change is not the object of your love, and your opinion on a loved one. Читать полностью -->

Marijuana received the official status of drugs

Marijuana received the official status of drugsIn March of this year, the Dutch government has allowed doctors to prescribe to patients opium. From September 1, attached marijuana, which received the official status of drugs. Marijuana is prescribed as an analgesic in cancer, AIDS and other serious diseases. Pharmacies peligrosa packaging marijuana will be sold by prescription for $ 50. Dutch insurance companies must decide whether patients to return money for this purchase, as it occurs in the acquisition of other drugs. In accordance with the laws of the United Nations on drugs, options for regulation of the cultivation and sale of marijuana for the needs of patients assigned to subordinate the government of the Netherlands Bureau for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Читать полностью -->

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