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How to prevent postpartum

How to prevent postpartumHow to prevent postpartum *149r*When the baby will be born, a woman with his head immersed in a pleasant and caring for him. Is it worth to think about contraception, especially since most of her friends are convinced that breastfeeding eliminates the risk of pregnancy? Worth it, because postpartum contraception is especially important - a new pregnancy at this time is extremely undesirable. It not only eliminates the possibility of further feeding baby breast, but also prevents normal regeneration. Too short interval between pregnancies leads to complications of pregnancy - dropsy, weakness and discoordinated labor - happen twice as often. Children are often born prematurely. So pregnancy for at least two years after the birth of junk. Читать полностью -->

change of name of the disease is changing the end result

change of name of the disease is changing the end resultThe sound of the name of the disease is important tone. Once again verify this allows the metamorphosis that occurred with the word "impotence", which today contains unacceptable for medicine pejorative connotation. As a result, as noted by urologists, it is much more likely the patients call your illness of erectile dysfunction, not impotence. Dysfunction to denote the disorder activity of a particular organ or system, which is often reversible. Specialists began to use the term "erectile dysfunction" even earlier, as the term "dysfunction" better reflects the mechanism of this disease. A new formulation of diagnosis and better meet the changing prognosis of the disease: the changing vocabulary is a significant expansion opportunities in treatment. Читать полностью -->

over the counter you can now buy even poison

over the counter you can now buy even poisonAs it became known, the Ministry of health in the Industry standard "vacation Rule (implementation) drugs in pharmacy organizations" approved by the RF Ministry of health 04.03.2003, changes. According to the rules of the pharmaceutical organizations are divided into pharmacies, pharmacies, pharmacies and drug stores. Changes are only functions of pharmacies and pharmacy points. Such pharmacies as advising and informing the population about the proper use and storage of medicines in the home remain. But now pharmacy items allowed to go on prescription any medications, including poisonous substances. Other changes apply to all pharmacies. Читать полностью -->

vacation people puput

vacation people puputDon't be surprised if you came back from vacation, you will discover that we have forgotten how to work, and your head is generally not "cook" after two weeks on the Mediterranean sea. The results of the research of Dr. Siegfried Lerla from Nuremberg University showed that after 14 days of relaxation intelligence quotient (IQ) is reduced by 20 points. To avoid mental degradation, the doctor recommended that all guests not to miss, because boredom is the enemy of human health. So, to return from vacation rested, full of energy, take a couple of books, and then you don't have to re-learn how to work! (Bush Eva). . Читать полностью -->

Anti-mosquito remedies What to choose?

Anti-mosquito remedies What to choose?Anti-mosquito remedies. What to choose? In the summer all of us, and especially children concerned about mosquitoes. Mosquito bites cause burning and itching. Children become cranky, itchy and sleep poorly. In addition, combed bites can get infected, leading to more serious problems. To avoid bites, we used different measures: stretch mesh on Windows, use folk remedies or use chemicals. Читать полностью -->

-th Kazakhstan international exhibition "Health care""

-th Kazakhstan international exhibition Participants of the exhibition KIHE 2003 (FIR 2003) have the opportunity to: Is to use the participation in the exhibition as a global marketing event. - To present their products and services. - Get an additional opportunity to inform more than 10000 visitors about new developments in medicine, medical technology and services, and new medicines. - To establish a distribution network. - To demonstrate to professionals and consumers new developments in the field of medicine. To discuss current issues at conferences and seminars . Читать полностью -->

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