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meat and Milk of cloned animals is safe, scientists say

meat and Milk of cloned animals is safe, scientists sayThe milk and meat of cloned animals did not differ in composition from the production of traditional livestock and, thus, safe for humans. This was the conclusion from a group of Japanese and American scientists. They have studied two samples of beef from made in Japan clone of the black bull (tested more than 100 components) and milk from 10 cloned American cows (the researchers analyzed proteins, fats, lactose, and solids). Up to 90 percent of the main parameters of the test samples and control groups were almost identical. The difference was observed only in the fat - cloned animals, it was slightly lower. Researchers from the University of Connecticut explained that usually used for cloning the best, most high-quality copies. This is one of the most detailed studies on this issue, but even this is unlikely to stop the debate - is it possible for people to eat meat of cloned cattle and other domestic animals or not. Confirmed this and the results of surveys last year during a study conducted by the International Council for information on food products (International Food Information Council), 62 percent of Americans answered "doubtful" or "very doubtful" to the question - will they buy meat and milk from cloned animals. Currently, the U.S. Department of control over the food and drug administration (FDA) is examining the safety of "cloned" meat and dairy products, asking the food industry to withdraw them from circulation. The FDA refused to comment until the results of a recent study, but promised in the near future to give their own evaluation of the safety of these products. Лента.Ru.

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