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RetinitisRETINITIS inflammation of the retina. Etiology: infectious disease, poisoning, allergic disorders, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, the action of radiant energy, eye injury. The pathogenesis. Often inflammation of the retina develops as a consequence of metastasis of the pathogen with bacteremia and when combined with processes allergies, immunoassay. Symptoms. In the fundus - focal or diffuse opacities of white, gray or yellow, which seemed to sink vessels of the retina. At the location of the lesions in the macular area in the course of nerve fibers formed by the star's shape. Frequent bleeding. The vessels of the retina narrowed or expanded, sometimes with aneurysmal formations. Possible peripapillary edema retina, hyperemia of the optic nerve head, rubbed his boundaries. When the location of the process in the Central area of the retina is a sharp decrease in vision, scotomas, "a glimmer of light before the eyes (photopsia), distortion of objects (metamorphopsia), impaired color sense. Defeat the periphery of the retina is accompanied by a concentric or sectoralism the narrowing of the field of view. In severe cases, may cause exudation into the vitreous body with the outcome of endophthalmitis and panophthalmitis. The treatment is the same as when chorioidea and chorioretinitis. The prognosis is serious..

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