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Pressure at the end of the week will be reduced

Pressure at the end of the week will be reducedThe end of the week in Moscow, the pressure will be reduced, said in Moscow meteorological Bureau. According to the latest data, the atmospheric pressure in Moscow is 739.7 mm Hg, and in the next three days the mercury in barometer will fluctuate between 739 and 740 mm Normal for July pressures are in the range from 742 and 748 mm Hg. Low blood pressure can worsen the health of patients with arterial hypotension and vascular dystonia. In the weather Bureau also reported that during the summer period variations of meteorological elements significantly weaker impact on the health of people exposed meteoriticists reactions. In Moscow and Moscow region again is expected to warm weather with temperature two to three degrees above normal, and the humidity will also be increased. This adverse combination of high air temperature, high relative humidity and low oxygen content in the surface layer of air can affect the health of the elderly, children, persons suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system (primarily myocardial infarction, stroke, people with heart disorders), pulmonary insufficiency, and also prone to migraine attacks. Geomagnetic background on July 10 will be undisturbed. RIA "Novosti"".

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