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The history of massage

The history of massageThe history of massage Massage originated in the early stages of development of traditional medicine. In ancient times people with various ailments and pains applied kneading, pollutive body. There is evidence that massage many centuries ago it was used as a remedy residents on the Islands of the Pacific ocean. Interesting history of the word "massage". Thus, some authors believe that it comes from the Arabic mass or from Masch (gently knead, press), others from the Greek masso (to RUB, crush, squeeze hands, others from Latin massa (adhering to the fingers.) Massage in ancient times was part of the medical art. The Indians and Chinese were the first who described the techniques of massage. Amiot (1779) translated ancient Chinese book Cong-Fou, written 3000 years BC, in which in addition to gymnastics and physical exercises are different massage techniques. The Chinese used massage to treat rheumatic pains, sprains, fatigue, muscle spasm, etc. According to Osbeck, Chinese rubbed his hands the whole body, gently squeezing the muscles between your fingers and producing special twitches in the joints. These twitches accompanied by a crackling sound, audible at a considerable distance. In the sacred books of India Ayur-Veda (1800 B.C.), who translated Hessler (1854), in the fourth book describes the techniques that Hindus used in various diseases. Massage them was gentle kneading of the whole body - from the upper extremities to stop. It is the Hindus joined steam baths and a massage. Here is a description of Petit-Radel performing massage in steam: "...on the glowing iron plates burst with a known amount of water that evaporates is distributed in space and penetrates into the naked body of every being in the room. When the body is well hydrated, it stretches on the floor, and two servants, one on each side of the press with various strength members, muscles are extremely relaxed, then massage the abdomen and chest. After that, he turned and produce such pressure and with the rear surface of the body.".

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