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Russian science against Asian virus

Russian science against Asian virusIn two research institutes Petersburg Institute of Virology, Pasteur and the Institute of influenza, Russian Academy of medical Sciences Russian scientists are trying to find a vaccine against SARS. With the help of electron microscope is the most complex analysis of the structure of DNA virus. If you can decipher the genetic code of pathogen infection of the lungs, it becomes clear as to affect proteins. Then it will be possible to prevent any mutation of the virus and to find a universal vaccine. The virus, about whom virtually nothing is known, causes severe pulmonary edema fatal. But the worst thing is that in the process of mutation of the virus can occur and new complications. According to the chief researcher of the Institute of Virology, Pasteur Friedrich Noskov, the modified virus can cause severe illness, which immediately and you can't discern. To recognize failed and the pathogen. It is believed that this coronavirus is one of the most insidious and little known on the planet. In the research laboratories of the Institute of influenza, Russian Academy of medical Sciences taken special precautions. Recently became aware of the death of the doctor from Hong Kong, which was the first who described the mysterious infection. So doctors are working in a cotton-gauze bandages and rubber gloves. Scientists think that in fact the virus has existed for a long time. His media were monkeys. Once the virus has changed the "host". It was AIDS. Coronavirus parasitizes only in a living cell. Now its reproduction is investigated on a regular chicken eggs. This will allow scientists to accurately determine the incubation period. Drugs against atypical pneumonia, the doctors have not yet found. "Currently employed conventional restorative measures. We can't say: take this antiviral medication for prevention. While this is not" - said the head of the scientific-organizational Department of the Institute of influenza, Russian Academy of medical Sciences Yelena Doroshenko. Coronavirus may behave differently. Official cases of pulmonary infection in Russia is still there. Every five to ten years, humanity is faced with a new form of the virus, and this has its own biological regularity. Russian scientists say that they will be able to resist the mysterious Asian virus. Although much will depend on the will or no SARS the planetary nature of the epidemic and how much there is still time in Russia to create a national system of anti-virus security. Dmitry Castro (RTR).

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