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What hides behind women?

What hides behind women?What hides behind women? You, of course, immediately thought of the "links on the side"? And here and there. The first (and one of the most important) task of women is to mask the defects of his face. Powder compact, concealer, loose powder, tinted pencil - this is not a complete list of cosmetics, in which a woman makes a person "perfect". As I have mentioned several times, the most interesting nation are British. Now, according to recent polls, 1/3 of UK women do not leave home without carefully applied makeup. 20% of residents of Albion can't live without Foundation. That is to say, with regard to applying makeup. Much more disturbing is possible to consider the following facts: less than a quarter of women cleanse the skin (lotion, water, foam cleanser) 2 times a day. 15% of women never face is not clear. And 15% (I believe that is not the same as in the previous paragraph) once a week give the skin a break from makeup. text: Cutty Sark Source: ROL.

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