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Scientists are trying to put a spell on the "Holy of holies" men

Scientists are trying to put a spell on the Scientists are trying to put a spell on the "Holy of holies" men In a few years men will probably get a new contraceptive, which will be based on a temporary "damage" sperm. They (but not the men themselves!) thus deprived of "capacity". Exposed to a new drug the mouse together obispado; now it remains to be tested in humans, reports ИноСМИ.Ru with reference to To obtain permission for such tests is not difficult: the drug is already used today for treatment of a very rare genetic disease - disease of Gaucher. New contraceptive will be available in tablets for oral administration and, according to its creators at the University of Oxford (UK), should have less side effects than are in parallel to the development of hormonal preparations of the same purpose, which is aimed at suppressing sperm count while maintaining normal levels of testosterone. It is also important that the new drug reversibility of the effect of contraception, that is, the restoration of normal semen quality should be much higher than other experimental non-hormonal analogues. During the experiments on mice, scientists have registered temporary damage to spermatozoa: a deformed head or wound filaments. Every single mouse lost the ability to conceive, and no side effects were registered. According to physiology, mice to achieve complete sterility had to take "medicine" for three weeks, and three weeks after the end of the "treatment" they have completely restored their ability to produce offspring. In humans, this period will be approximately 40 days; however, tablets have to be taken daily. British scientists are excited about his discovery: they believe that the new contraceptive would be a good alternative to traditional condome or vasectomies and will be in demand for men willing to share with beautiful floors responsibility for family planning. Source: Country.Ru.

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