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CollapseCOLLAPSE - one of the forms of acute circulatory failure characterized by a sharp drop in vascular tone or rapid decrease in the mass of circulating blood, which leads to reduced venous inflow to the heart, the fall of the arterial and venous pressure, cerebral hypoxia and inhibition of vital functions of the body. Causes: acute infection (abdominal and typhus fever, meningoencephalitis, pneumonia, and others), acute blood loss, diseases of the endocrine and nervous system tumors, syringomyelia and others), exogenous intoxication (poisoning by carbon monoxide, organophosphorus compounds, and others), spinal and epidural anesthesia, orthostatic blood redistribution (overdose of certain drugs - ganglioblokatorov, insulin, antihypertensive agents, and others), acute diseases of the abdominal cavity (peritonitis and other). The collapse can be a complication of acute disorders of contractile function of the myocardium encompassed by the notion of "syndrome of small cardiac output that occurs in the acute period of myocardial infarction, when pronounced tachycardia, profound bradycardia, disorders of sinus node function and other There are differences between the concepts of "collapse" and "shock". Shock in contrast to collapse referred to as the body's response to super-strong, especially pain, irritation, accompanied by more severe disorders of vital functions of the nervous and endocrine systems, circulatory, respiratory, metabolic processes and often renal excretory function (see Shock}. Symptoms. For the most part suddenly develop feelings of General weakness, dizziness, the patient complains of sensitivity to cold, fever, thirst, the body temperature is reduced. Facial features are sharp, cold extremities, skin and mucous membranes pale to cyanotic tint, forehead, temples, sometimes the whole body covered with cold sweat, small and weak pulse, usually rapid, Vienna saviese, HELL is lowered. The heart is not enlarged, the colours of his deaf, sometimes irregular, superficial breathing, shortness, but despite the shortness of breath, the patient is not experiencing suffocation, lies with low located to the head. Diuresis reduced. Consciousness is preserved, or obscured, by surrounding the patient indifferent reaction of pupils to light sluggish, there is a tremor of the fingers, and sometimes convulsions. Blood volume is always reduced, often defined decompensated metabolic acidosis, elevated hematocrit. The differential diagnosis is carried out with the faint at which functional impairment are much less HELL normal and heart failure, which differs from the collapse of orthopnea, increased circulating blood volume, normal AD. Treatment is urgent. Depending on the cause hemostasis, removal of toxic substances, the use of specific antidotes, elimination of hypoxia and other Patient warm, stack with raised legs. Is the transfusion of blood components (poliglyukin, gemodez, reopoliglyukin, salt solutions) and only on the strict condition of blood components. Inkjet/administered prednisolone (60-90 mg), with little effect add 1 - 2 ml of 1% solution mezatona or drip 1 ml of 0.2% solution of noradrenaline (haemorrhagic collapse vazopressornye drugs used only after the restoration of blood volume), 1-2 ml kordiamin, 1-2 ml of 10% solution of caffeine, 2 ml of 10% solution of sulfokamfokain. When acidosis in/injected solutions of sodium bicarbonate (50-100 ml) of 8.4% solution or 100-200 ml of a 4.5% solution. Syndrome of small cardiac output used antiarrhythmic drugs (if caused by arrhythmia), dopamine (drip/25-100-200 megawatts of 5% glucose solution or isotonic sodium chloride), emergency and other elektrocardiostimulyatsia Prognosis depends on the cause of the collapse and the degree of vascular disorders..

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