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ScabiesSCABIES is a contagious parasitic disease of humans characterized by nocturnal itching) by scratching, the formation of the skin "scabby moves". The disease is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei. Infection occurs from a sick person by direct contact or through the items that were in its use (clothes, bedding and other). The incubation period of around 1-2 weeks. Clinical manifestations caused by the introduction of fertilized females of the tick in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, where it digs cestocide moves, which lays eggs. After 2 weeks, passing through several stages of development, from eggs appear Mature forms of the parasite, which will be implemented after fertilization in the new skin. The clinical picture. The main symptom of scabies is a common night itching caused by the activity of ticks at this time of day. In addition to scratching, there are small papapostolou and pathognomonic for the disease "cestocide moves" in the form of small grayish, slightly elevated, straight or curved strips with a bubble on the end, which is female. Favorite localization are areas with thin delicate skin (interdigital folds brushes, axillary hollows, the wrist bends, abdomen, penis, inner thighs, Breasts). Not hurt the skin of the face and scalp. Scabies is often complicated by pyoderma (boils, ectima, impetigo). The diagnosis is based on typical symptoms, the identification of scabby moves, the detection scabby mite in a laboratory study. Treatment: rubbing into the skin antiparasitic funds (33% sulphur ointment or ointment of Wilkinson 1 time a day for 5 days); treatment method Demianovich (rubbing 60% solution of hyposulfite sodium, then 6% hydrochloric acid, 20 min); 20% (10%) emulsion benzyl-benzoate is rubbed with a cotton-gauze pad 2 times for 10 min with a 10 minute break. After applying the solutions of Demianovich and emulsion benzyl-benzoate patients change underwear and bed linen and within 3 days refrain from washing. After 3 days, you must hold a General wash with repeated change of underwear and bed linen. Things and accommodation of the patient must be disinfected. Should the examination of the persons who were in contact with the patient, and simultaneous treatment of all patients..

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